Storm Water and Drainage Plan Review

Share your water concerns

Ben Poole, a county engineer, is reviewing water issues in Madison Place with regard to the new dealership, and he reached out for more information. We let him know we would invite residents in the community to share their experiences about water-related issues. He is specifically interested in drainage and flooding problems, so feel free to contact him if you have experienced or are aware of any issues.

Here is his email with his contact information:

I’m reviewing the stormwater and drainage plan for the new showroom and parking lot at the Maserati/Alfa Romeo dealership.  I know residents have brought up issues of drainage and flooding problems in this area. In your experience where are the flooding/drainage issues in the neighborhood?

From what I’ve gathered it was primarily on Cambridge and further west from Plainville, closer to Edith Ave. Is this accurate? Are there any known flooding issues on Plainville Road?

Thanks for your help! If you would prefer to discuss on the phone I can be reached at 859-835-6096.

Ben Poole, EI
Project Engineer
Hamilton County Planning + Development
Stormwater + Infrastructure
(513) 946-4753

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