2020 Update and Information

Dear neighbors,

Board of Elections (BOE) decision
In December, the Board of Elections voted to deny our referendum on the zoning change from being placed on the ballot in March. In many ways this was the most difficult decision yet in our fight to preserve our community. The BOE is charged with protecting voter rights, yet they denied residents the opportunity to vote on an issue that has clearly had much voter opposition. 

The BOE’s decision could have been challenged by filing an objection with the Ohio Supreme Court. We obtained a second opinion from an attorney regarding our case, and he confirmed we had done everything right. Unfortunately, he felt the Supreme Court’s decision could go either way and that continuing was very risky financially, so we decided not to move forward. 

Standing on the side of right
The BOE’s decision left us feeling angry and disappointed. We believe standing up for our community is the right thing. We have made it clear that we are organized, aware, and will resist undesirable encroachment into our neighborhood. The Porsche dealership decision may not have gone our way, but we should not lose sight of the fact that if we had not fought for our community we would very likely have ended up with a “spaceship” on Cambridge. 

Staying connected
The upside of our activities is the profound connection we have made with one another. Our sense of community is stronger than ever, and we hope we can continue to build on the foundation we have created. A March gathering has been proposed and we’ll pass on information as the time nears. In the meantime, please feel to reach out via the contact page.

Keeping in the know
There is still a lot going on in Columbia Township–for example, administrator Mike Lemon’s retirement, the 50West re-opening of the former Pizzelli’s location, the Murray Path multi-use trail, and potential Madison Place Firehouse occupancy. The best way to stay up to date is to attend the Columbia Township trustee meetings which are the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 6 pm at the Admin building. You may also watch them on the Township website at columbiatwp.org.

If you are interested in keeping tabs on the parking lot progress, you can call Hamilton County Planning and Development at 513-946-4550.

Yard signs
We plan to continue to let the dealership and trustees know where we stand by keeping yard signs up through the construction of the parking lot. If you would like a new sign (or stand) please let us know!

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