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Well, we didn’t get the Local 12 coverage of our protest in front of the dealership, but there is an article in the Enquirer covering this topic. The article mostly gets it right but the reporter wouldn’t have any way of recognizing the glaring falsehood promulgated by Woeste Development and the zoning commission staff report: that the 76 space asphalt parking lot is consistent with mixed-use as outlined in the comprehensive plan, which has designated the area as a neighborhood business corridor with a mix of residential, retail and office uses. A parking lot used to store cars is not residential, or retail, or office usage. It is consistent with industrial or light industrial zoning. Not to mention the fact that it is invading a half block of residential property and in no way is a smooth or appropriate transition between retail and residential.

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  1. Hi, I am unable to attend the meeting on Monday but would love an update on how it went. Thank you for the lovely picnic dinner on the Friday nite that Dollar General closed its doors for the final time. I met some of you who have been on the front lines of this from the beginning. I hope you have an attorney attending the meeting on Monday that will represent your best interests. The fact that Woeste has disconnected electric to those 4 houses makes me think they are VERY confident things will go their way. I have a friend who is a Real Estate attorney, she teaches at UC but she is a bull-dog and wont back down from a fight. Too late for her to come on board for Monday but she is worth every penny you pay her. It would be a shame to lose this fight over a few hundred dollars to pay an attorney to fight the other side. Keep me posted and good luck!


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